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Dear all Raghuvanshi brothers and sisters,

Jay Jalaram…    Jay Raghuvansh…    Jay Mahaparishad…

It gives us an immense pleasure to represent SHREE LOHANA MAHAPARISHAD,  the mother organisation of all lohana brothers and sisters residing across the world. As we all know that Shree Lohana Mahaparishad has her roots 100 year old. Time and circumstances have given various shapes and the institution has been strengthened. We would like to strengthen our community globally especially in the areas of health & education by creating awareness about concerning issues and also channelizing all available resources in an optimum  way.
We understand that, if we all together can pay a little attention to all undermentioned activities and can do needful, it would be a great help to SHREE LOHANA MAHAPARISHAD. We are sure, you would express your love and feelings by sharing these thoughts to all your well wishers and take proud about the heritage of the community.

1.     Beautifully designed monthly magazine ‘Shree Raghukul Vishwa’ represents the organisation as a whole. We    feel to increase the readership exponentially. It is a true medium to reach at every home. Life time subscription is just Rs. 1000 (50% subsidized for a short term offer by one donor. Actual rate is Rs. 2000). We are also planning to start e copy ABSOLUTELY FREE. Those who are interested may write on requesting to get e copy of the monthly magazine. Monetary Contributions in the form of advertisements in this magazine is also welcome to meet the expenses of the publications of the same. All correspondences related to ‘SHREE RAGHUKUL VISHWA’ should be made on

2.     To abolish Thalassemia from our community, all young members must undergo thalassemic check up. Detailed information shall be made available on website shortly. In the past also SHREE LOHANA MAHAPARISHAD has played a pivotal role to create an awareness about Thalassemia and made all possible rigorous attempts to abolish Thalassemia completely from our community.

3.     Special counseling sessions must be organized at regional/state levels or in all cities to motivate and  encourage especially to all young students to prepare and apply for competitive entrance examinations for all central / state government positions. A team of educationalist shall be formed and made active to create an awareness and to provide necessary guidelines for the community people.

4.     Shree Lohana Mahaparishad offers education SCHOLARSHIP every year. In the year 2015  more than 3500 application forms  are received. The cheques of  scholarship will be issued in a month or so. Likewise medical aid is also offered to needy persons regularly. We are also in a process to form some mechanism where we could be helpful by offering loan to needy students for higher education. All such activities require huge fund. By the grace of God and will of our donors, it is managed very well. You are also requested to contribute voluntarily if the Almighty God has made you capable for it by heart and by wealth. You may send us a cheque in favour of “SHREE LOHANA MAHAPARISHAD” enclosing your complete details about residence, contact etc..

5.     To keep all community people in touch, very beautiful, dynamic and highly resourceful website is under development. It would be made available in a month or so which would be a platform in a true sense for all committee members, members of Madhyastha Mahasamiti and for all Raghuvanshis. We are also in a process of generating strong database of potential team who can direct the community by utilizing their talents for the various community services. The details will be made available on newly launched website.
We, assure you best services and consistent efforts to make each and every Raghuvanshi brothers and sisters smile by working collectively towards the journey of development. We believe that you would surely encourage the whole new team of Shree Lohana Mahaparishad by contributing in the best way you can.

Looking forward your long lasting relationships and co operation.


(President, LMP)





Welcome to Lohana Mahaparishad

The Lohanas trace their roots in history right up to the advents of Aryas in the Indian sub-continent (which then included today’s Afghanistan), making theirs the oldest surviving community in the world. According to Puranic (ancient Indian texts of lore and legends) sources the Aryan civilization was established by king Ishaku (Ikshvaku) some two or three millennia before Christ (BC). His 63rd descendant was the great king Raghu, a great conqueror, who established the Rahguvansh Dynasty. Lohanas’ history begins with king Raghu, who belonged to the Suryavanshi lineage, so called because they worshiped the Sun (Surya). Read More… Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, which leads to anemia. Read More…

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